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Established in 1892, the Australian Hotels Association (WA) is the peak employer organisation representing the hotel and hospitality industry in Western Australia.

Workplace Relations Adviser

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Job Title: Workplace Relations Adviser

Reports To: Legal Counsel / Workplace Relations Manager

Main Purpose: The provision of workplace relations and regulatory advice to AHA (WA) members.


1.    Providing Workplace Relations/Industrial Relations advice to AHA members, including in relation to:

·         Minimum conditions of employment;

·         Wage rates (and associated entitlements);

·         Contracts of employment;

·         Interpreting legislation, employment contracts, industrial awards & industrial agreements;

·         Performance management, misconduct, investigations, termination of employment and redundancy issues;

·         Employment handbooks, policies and procedures;

·         Workers' Compensation issues

·         Occupational safety and health issues.

2. Review and amend member documents including:

·         Contracts of employment;

·         Employee handbooks;

·         Policies & procedures;

·         Letters of warning;

·         Notices of Termination;

·         General correspondence;

3.  Assist with case representation on behalf of members appearing in courts and commissions (predominantly Fair Work Commission and WAIRC) including the following:

·         Consult with member;

·         Review case history;

·         Preparation and research;

·         Draft court/commission documents;

·         Correspondence with other party/other party’s representative;

·         Attend conciliation and follow up court appearances

4.  Assist in the drafting of:

            ·    Articles for Workplace Relations section of e-Newsletter;

            ·         Articles for Workplace Relations section of Hospitality WA magazine;

            ·      Workplace Relations content for State Council Report;

            ·       Workplace Relations content for Accommodation Division Report;

            ·         Member memorandums/fact sheets/alerts;

            ·         Member email-outs/fax-outs.


5.  Preparing and delivering training materials to members:

            ·         Prepare workplace relations related presentations

             ·         Present to members on various topics

      6.    Assist in developing policy for input to Government, stakeholders and members in areas such as training, apprenticeships, employment relations, OSH, HR and workforce development.

7. Conduct research tasks on legal issues which arise for members.

      8.    Assist with and participate in AHA(WA) expos and Awards Nights.

      9.    Undertake professional training and development.

      10.  Any other duties as required and directed by the Legal Counsel/Workplace Relations Manager.

 For more information  please contact the AHA(WA) on 9321 7701. To apply, please do so via SEEK through the following link: 









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