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AHA 2017 WA Accommodation Hotel Industry Awards


Monday 21 August 2017
Crown Grand Ballroom, Perth

Western Australia's official Accommodation Industry Awards recognising businesses and management staff.

Nominations are now open!

Email Alan Zang on train@ahawa.asn.au for more information. 


COMPLETE NOMINATIONS & SUBMISSIONS-  for venues that participated in the 2016 Awards

Previous Participant 1. Select the 'Previous Participant Login' Button
2. Login using the username and password included in your nomination brochure letter posted to your venue 
3. Follow the instructions on screen
4. Please ensure you 'update your details' once logged in amending the contact name and e-mail if not correct.

COMPLETE NOMINATIONS & SUBMISSIONS - new venues that have not previously participated

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Click on the categories below to view the awards and their relevant criteria. 


WA Accommodation Industry Awards                WA Accommodation Industry Awards

Hotel Awards

 1. Redeveloped Accommodation Hotel Award

Redevelopment project is completed and has operated under refurbished conditions for a minimum of 3 months at a time of nomination.

  • Detail reason for refurbishment, nature of redevelopment & atmosphere created
  • Describe innovative design features
  • Provide details on the return on investment including increased patronage affect on occupancy rates and yield
  • Describe the effect on staff efficiency and morale
  • Include before and after photos
2. Marketed Accommodation Hotel Award


  • Detail research and planning to achieve the marketing strategy
  • Outline use of innovative marketing techniques, media plan and PR activities
  • Evidence of consistency of branding
  • Describe promotional literature and advertising material used in marketing program
  • Detail the return of investment i.e. evidence of increased traffic generation, media exposure, etc generating an increase on your bottom line
  • Specific programs targeting accommodation, food and beverage and overall venue
3. ManagEment Team of the Year Award


  • Detail how the team maintains cohesiveness while interacting with other departments/ teams
  • Detail how the team uses initiative and achieves key objectives
  • Detail how the team acts decisively in implementing ideas
  • Explain how the team has had a major achievement in one or more of the following areas:
    financial performance, concept development, business development and/or completion of a project
4. Mid-Range Accommodation Award - Properties rated 3 - 3 Stars


  • Detail the number of rooms available (with or without ensuites)
  • Detail the design, decor, ambience, and presentation of rooms including furniture/fittings
  • Detail guest facilities that are offered (i.e. front of house, heating/air conditioning, laundry services)
  • Describe the meal options available (i.e. breakfast, lunch and dinner facilities, room service)
  • Demonstrate marketing of accommodation facilities
  • Describe the cleaning and maintenance program
  • Describe the level of customer service available

5. Superior Accommodation Award - Properties rated 4 to 4 stars


  • Detail the design, decor, ambience and presentation of rooms including furniture/fittings
  • Describe room features (bedding, mini bar, TV, airconditioning, spa, internet access etc.)
  • Describe hotel features (e.g. pool, sauna, day spa, business centre, conference rooms, security etc)
  • Describe meeting & exceeding guest's requests & expectations (housekeeping, guest history, extra pillows etc.)
  • Demonstrate high levels of customer service - include guest comments
  • Detail the quality of the in-house dining for all meals, including breakfast
  • Demonstrate marketing of accommodation facilities
6. Deluxe Accommodation Award - Properties rated 5 star


  • Demonstrate superior guest experience provided by the hotel
  • Outline the corporate and leisure facilities available
  • Detail the quality of the food and beverage products on offer
  • Demonstrate high levels of customer service and professionalism - include guest comments
  • Describe hotel features (e.g. pool, sauna, day spa, business centre, conference rooms, security etc)
  • Discuss the overall service provided throughout the property including service at check-in/out, room service, valet parking, concierge and special requests
  • Describe client loyalty programs and/or marketing campaigns
  • Detail the dedication to perfection that is apparent yet discreet  
7. Apartment/Suite Accommodation Award


  • Detail the design and decor of both the exterior and interior of the property
  • Describe the Apartment/Suite style of fit out, kitchen, appliances etc
  • Describe the professionalism and outstanding customer service
  • Detail the variety of food and beverage outlets & services, including 24 hour room service
  • Describe the innovativeness and quality in food & beverage
  • Detail the corporate facilities, i.e. business centre, conference rooms, boardrooms etc.
  • Detail the recreational facilities, pool, spa, gym etc
  • Describe the in-house marketing
  • Detail the security and safety features
8. Resort Style Accommodation Award


  • Describe the resort exterior, design, decor, quality and style of accommodation options
  • Describe the resort activities (kids club, tours, tourist information etc.)
  • Describe room features - minibar, fridge, DVD etc
  • Detail the recreational facilities, pool, spa, gym etc
  • Detail the corporate facilities, i.e. business centre, conference rooms, etc
  • Describe the professionalism and outstanding customer service
  • Detail the variety of food and beverage outlets & services, including 24 hours room service
  • Describe the innovativeness and quality in food & beverage
  • Describe the marketing of resort
  • Detail the security and safety of guests
9. Regional Accommodation Award


  • How do you cater for your specific local area?
  • Identify your tourism appeal
  • Identify natural ambience
  • Describe Popularity
  • Describe Atmosphere
  • Describe Food and Beverage
  • Describe Staff
  • Additional comments
  • Upload food and beverage menus
10. Restaurant within an Accommodation Hotel Award


  • Describe venue decor, atmosphere and lighting
  • List unique characteristics of theming and presentation
  • Detail the variety of beverages (e.g. beer, wine, coffee etc)
  • Detail the venues popularity, profitability, marketing and growth
  • Describe how food and beverages are served at correct temperatures
  • Presentation & quality of table setting (glassware, crockery and cutlery, table linen)

MENU (to be included)

  • Describe the variety of food and beverage menu items available
  • List variety of dishes including traditional, innovative and value for money
  • Detail the ability to address special dietary requirements
  • Describe the food presentation and appearance
  • Describe what makes your menu appeal to customers
  • Staff knowledge of matching beverage options with menu


  • Describe staff presentation
  • Describe staff knowledge of menu, specials and beverages, and the ongoing training they receive
  • Detail overall food and beverage service
  • What makes your service friendly, courteous, appropriate, efficient and stand out from others
  • Service is discreet and appropriate
11. Accommodation Hotel Wine List Award

Criteria: (wine list to be included)

  • Variety of styles from at least 3 states
  • Selection of overseas wines with various styles
  • Presentation of wine menu
  • Vintages to be displayed on wine menu and back vintages available
  • Appropriate to customer demographic
  • Relevance to menu

Winners from selected categories may be entered into the 2017 AHA National Awards for Excellence


Management Employee Awards       


Management Employee Awards

These awards are for staff operating at mid-level management, not front line or senior executive director level management (with the exception of award number 10). 

1. Front Office

Includes reception, reservations, and duty management.


Includes demi chefs, chef de parties, sous chefs. Excludes executive chefs see award 10.

3. Food and Beverage

Includes restaurant, bar, banquet operations, conference and room service.

4. Administration, Finance and Executive Support

Includes payroll, revenue, finance, office administration, and executive support.

5. Sales and Marketing

Includes sales, marketing, business development and banquet sales.

6. Conference and Events

Includes conference, wedding, and event co-ordination, operations and sales.

7. Housekeeping

Includes housekeeping, cleaning and laundry.

8. Engineering and Maintenance

Includes engineering, maintenance, gardening and grounds keeping.

9. Concierge

Includes concierge and guest services.


Incorporates those senior executive or director level managers that are not eligible to enter the previous categories. Not open to General Managers.


Employee Awards Assessment Criteria - applicable to all management employee awards


Demonstrate the candidate's:

  • Leadership ability
  • Display of initiative
  • Communication skills
  • Decisiveness
  • Motivation



Detail the following:

  • Staff relations and communication
  • Role within the team
  • Motivation and management of staff
  • Maintenance of a productive work environment



Explain how the candidate:
Has made an achievement in one or more of the following:

- Financial performance
- Concept development
- Business development
- Staff development
- Completion of a project


Detail the candidate's:

  • Professional development
  • Personal presentation
  • Attention to detail
  • Professional role model for other staff



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