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2020 WA Hospitality Supplier Awards
Product & Service Business Awards (select one only in this section [1-10]) 1. WA's Best Non Alcohol Beverage Supplier Award criteria
  2. WA's Best Beer Supplier Award criteria
  3. WA's Best Wine Supplier Award criteria
  4. WA's Best Spirit Supplier Award criteria
  5. WA's Best Food Service Supplier Award criteria
  6. WA's Best Hospitality Product Supplier Award criteria
  7. WA's Best Hospitality Furniture Supplier criteria
  8. WA's Best Equipment Supplier criteria
  9. WA's Best Hospitality Technology Provider Award criteria
  10. WA's Best Hospitality Service Provider Award criteria
Product & Promotion Awards 11. WA's Best On Premise Beverage Promotion Award criteria
  12. WA's Best Bottleshop Promotion Award criteria
  13. WA's Best New Alcoholic Beverage Product criteria
  14. WA's Best New Non-Alcoholic Beverage Product Award criteria
  15. WA's Best New Hospitality Product Award criteria
Overall Awards 16. WA's Best Accommodation Hotel Supplier criteria
  17. WA's Best Restaurant Supplier criteria
  18. WA's Best Small Bar Supplier criteria
  19. WA's Best Pub & Hospitality Venue Supplier criteria


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