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AHA(WA) Industry Suppliers Guide

Welcome to the AHA(WA) Industry Suppliers Guide.

The AHA(WA) strives to ensure that the hospitality industry has access to the highest quality services and resources available.

Through the formation of strategic alliances with over 160 companies, the AHA is able to provide members with an informed choice of suppliers across all product and service categories, offering direct access to key contacts, special discounts and preferential rates. 

Please support the suppliers that support the Association and add value to the industry.

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Sightseeing Pass Australia
Ms Lisa D'Souza

37 Jervis Way

P 0430 857 165

E lisa@sightseeingpassaustralia.com
W http://sightseeingpassaustralia.com/

Sightseeing Pass Australia has identified an opportunity to develop, and launch, a highly scalable e-commerce tourism website, a 'one-stop shop' offering tourists over 200 of the most popular tours and attractions in Western Australia along with instant confirmation. The award winning platform has allows convenience for the hotel sector so reservations can be easily made by hotel and concierge staff on behalf of guest 24 hours 7 days a week without having to log into various websites. By giving each hotel their unique code they're eligible to receive commission and incentives for team famils. The unique combo Discounted Passes are designed to encourage the visitor to experience the most popular tours and encourages them to stay longer. Sightseeing Pass hopes to make a considerable contribution to tourism by encouraging greater demand, yield and visitors to WA, while satisfying the needs and wants of travelers within the Hotel sector adding value to visitors experience.



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