Welcome to Australian Hostels Association, WA

AHA(WA) Industry Suppliers Guide

Welcome to the AHA(WA) Industry Suppliers Guide.

The AHA(WA) strives to ensure that the hospitality industry has access to the highest quality services and resources available.

Through the formation of strategic alliances with over 160 companies, the AHA is able to provide members with an informed choice of suppliers across all product and service categories, offering direct access to key contacts, special discounts and preferential rates. 

Please support the suppliers that support the Association and add value to the industry.

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Vinum Vitae
Mr Adrian Pereira

Unit 23, 65 Palmerston Street

P 0413 389 209

E adrian@vinum-vitae.com
W http://www.vinum-vitae.com

Vinum Vitae offers WSET Certified Wine Education courses.
For those who want a structured learning approach, to start in, or to progress in their hospitality career or for general education.



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