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Liquor Commission WA

The Role of the Liquor Commission

The Liquor Commission Western Australia:

  • determines liquor licensing matters referred to it by the Director of Liquor Licensing;
  • conducts reviews of certain decisions made by the Director, or by a single Member of the Commission;
  • conducts reviews into decisions based on a question of law;
  • determines complaints and disciplinary matters in accordance with Section 95 of the Liquor Control Act 1988;
  • makes binding, high-level decisions in accordance with Liquor Control Act 1988;
  • award costs associated with matters before the Commission;
  • reports annually to the Minister for Racing and Gaming on the activities of the Commission; and
  • reports to the Minister for Racing and Gaming, when requested to do so, on the jurisdiction and functions of the Commission, including the provision of high-level policy advice relevant to liquor control matters.

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