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Tourism Accommodation Australia (TAA) has congratulated Tourism Australia for the on-going growth in international travellers choosing Australia for a holiday.

Tourism Research Australia’s latest report for the year ending June 2019, shows a record number of visitors came to Australia over the past year, with almost 4 million of the 8.6 million arrivals being holiday makers, who spent a record high of $16.9 billion, representing a six per cent annual increase.

Tourism Accommodation Australia (TAA) CEO Michael Johnson said the data was overwhelmingly positive and reflected the success of targeted campaigns in key high value markets.

“The growth in markets such as the United States can be attributed to the significant investment made during the successful ‘Tourism Australia Dundee’ campaign, with US visitation increasing three per cent while their total spend rose nine per cent to a record $4 billion,” Mr Johnson said.

“Similarly, we have seen consistent growth from the Japanese market with a nine per cent growth in visitors bringing a very promising 16 per cent growth in visitor spend – we expect this growth to continue with the commencement of new direct flight services into WA.

“It is also promising to see strong growth in education visitors, as we know that such travellers act as ambassadors for Australia and entice family and friends to visit.

“While these visitation numbers are strong, international tourism continues to be increasingly competitive so we urge policy makers to maintain an unwavering focus on implementing aggressive marketing campaigns and pursuing additional airline agreements into new and emerging markets.

“Similarly, State and Territory Governments must sustain the important momentum which has been built towards regulating short-stay accommodation platforms such as Airbnb and the unregulated properties they list.

“It is Australian hotels which make substantial investments each and every year towards marketing Australia to the world, so to ensure this investment translates into jobs for Australians, unregulated short-stay accommodation must be addressed.”


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