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Novel Coronavirus Updates




AHA Hospitality and Tourism COVID-19 Hygiene Training

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The AHA Hospitality and Tourism COVID-19 hygiene training program has been launched to prepare the hospitality industry for a return to business. 

The AHA is constantly monitoring the Coronavirus situation working closely with the Commonwealth and WA Government on strategies to help avert the effect that the situation will have on tourism by:

  • Maintaining constant contact with Tourism Australia and Tourism Western Australia;
  • Monitoring Commonwealth Department of Health and World Health Organisation advice; and
  • Participating in industry crisis co-ordination task forces at a State and National level.


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     Current RestrictionsSignage for Venues


From 12:01am Monday 12 July 2021, WA will return to Phase 5 restrictions.

This will remove the one in two square metre rule and the 75 per cent capacity limit, allowing all hospitality venues to trade at full capacity.

WA businesses will be expected to continue with contact registers, and ensure their COVID Safety Plans are updated and continue to be implemented. For large events, COVID-19 safety and event plans are required but can also trade at full capacity.

The COVID-19 Safety Plan for Food and Licensed Venues can be found here.


The COVID Safety Guidelines for Food and Licensed Venues can be found here.


AHA venue signage can be found here

SafeWA app and contact registers

From 5 December 2020, hospitality venues in WA are required to undertake mandatory contact tracing.

This can be done via:

  • A free, safe and secure app called SafeWA; or
  • Alternative formats including electronic or paper-based systems


Please be aware that if you choose an alternate option on contact register tracing, businesses will need to record the:

  • Name; and
  • Telephone number; and
  • Location; and
  • Date; and
  • Arrival time of patrons; and
  • Keep that information for 28 days.

Any person who attends a business or venue, other than for take-away, will be required to register their contact details. This includes patrons, staff, volunteers and contractors.

SafeWA app 

The WA Government has developed a free app, SafeWA, which assists businesses to keep their contact register system in an easy and convenient manner.

Businesses that use the SafeWA app must also have an alternative and manual method of registering patron details, such as a paper-based register. This is important in the event that an individual does not have access or chooses not to use the SafeWA app. 

SafeWA can be downloaded from the Apple App Store here or the Google Play Store here

More information on how to use the SafeWA app can be found here. Troubleshooting tips for venues can be found here.

A comprehensive toolkit for business including SafeWA guides, Contact Register Infosheets, social media graphics, contact register templates and more can be found here.  - Click on links or images below to access PDFs: 

For more information on the SafeWA App, please click here: https://safewa.health.wa.gov.au/

For information on contact registers, please click here: https://www.wa.gov.au/organisation/covid-communications/covid-19-coronavirus-contact-registers-businesses-and-venues


Western Australia's border arrangements

WA is in a safe and sensible controlled border arrangement, based on public health advice.

Please click here for the latest updates on the Western Australia's border arrangement.

G2G Pass and G2G Now 

The G2G PASS was built to help WA Police manage and enforce the Directions in force in WA whilst ensuring the impact on essential services and the WA economy is limited.

The G2G PASS is an entirely digital solution, making it easy for people to apply for travel passes.

The launch of G2G Now sees WA Police deliver a second initiative whereby technology is used to help police and WA community work together to rise to the challenges posed by the pandemic. The app supports people subject to self-quarantine directions to prove their compliance with easy, in app check ins rather than receiving physical checks by police.

For more information on the G2G Pass, please click here. 

For more information on the G2G Now, please click here. 





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