Approved Managers - Management of Licensed Premises MLP1

A licensing system for the approval of Managers is in place in Western Australia. This framework for Approved Managers changed the licensing framework from one of approving the individual to work at a particular premises, to one where individuals can be licensed to work anywhere in the State, irrespective of what premises they work at.


The system also makes Approved Managers responsible for obtaining and holding the required training and certification from the Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor (DRGL).

A new framework of DRGL registration is as follows:

An unrestricted approval will be required for managers at commercial licence types such as hotel, tavern, small bar, liquor store, restaurant, nightclub and special facility licences. An unrestricted manager must have successfully completed the Course in Liquor Licensing in order to obtain this approval. This course covers matters relevant to the management of licensed premises and the managers obligations and responsibilities, as well as responsible service of alcohol.

The table below shows the relevant category of managers approval which will be required for each licence type.

Approved Managers Restricted/UnrestrictedTable









What does this mean for existing managers?

If an Approved Manager is currently employed at a hotel, tavern, liquor store, hotel restricted, restaurant, nightclub, special facility, wholesaler, producer or small bar licence and they have only completed the nationally accredited Responsible Service of Alcohol course , they will need to complete the Course in Liquor Licensing if they wish to receive an Unrestricted Manager approval under the new system.

If they do not complete the Course in Liquor Licensing, they will only receive a Restricted Manager approval, and whilst that will still allow them to be employed at these licence types, unless the prior approval of the Director of Liquor Licensing has been granted, the licensee will not be able to continue to employ them in the capacity of an Approved Manager.


Upgrading an RSA Certificate to Management of Licensed Premises MLP1

Approved Managers who have only completed the nationally accredited Responsible Service of Alcohol course can upgrade in two ways:


1.     Online 2 options exist

A)     The full course including Responsible Service of Alcohol & Course in Liquor Licensing 
B)     'Course in Liquor Licensing' for those who hold a nationally accredited RSA certificate

Available 24/7 with no upfront payment required, this is a convenient, flexible option for managers.

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2.     Classroom

The AHAs Advanced Course in Liquor Licensing is specifically designed for Approved Managers who have already completed the nationally accredited RSA course. This one day course will give managers broader operational knowledge and is a must for people serious about running their venues.

View upcoming course dates here. 
Venue: AHA Hospitality Training Centre, 38 Parliament Place, West Perth 

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Lodgement Guide 

Download the Approved Managers Lodgement Guide here.