What We do


The AHA represents the WA hotel and hospitality sector to all tiers of Government, individual parliamentarians, and leading stakeholders.

For over 130 years we have provided our membership with a strong and clear voice to the key decision makers whose decisions can make a material difference to determining success.

With exclusive access to expert advice, communications and guidance, AHA members are empowered with the tools, information and representation to succeed.

With passion, teamwork and commitment we provide our members with:

  • Strong industry representation
  • The latest news, advice and information
  • Industrial relations and human resourcing assistance
  • Liquor licensing and regulatory guidance
  • Research and education
  • Lobbying and advocacy
  • The latest industry training
  • Strategic planning for future opportunities
  • The tools to ensure high standards of service and conduct
  • Leading industry events
  • Commercial benefits and discounts

AHA(WA) corporate partners

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