Benefits of Membership


AHA(WA) membership entitles businesses to access a broad range of benefits, including political representation, expert services, discounted training, business support and critical updates.

Explore the benefits of AHA membership


Giving a powerful voice to WA’s hotel and hospitality industry by:

  • Pursuing policy outcomes for AHA members, their staff and the public interest through targeted advocacy, media and public representation.
  • Maintaining professional and effective relationships with Members of Parliament and the Public Service.
  • Lobbying Federal, State and Local Governments for the interests of the hotel and hospitality industry.
  • Monitoring parliamentary proceedings and presenting submissions to change, oppose or support specific legislation.
  • Engaging with stakeholders such as WA Police, councils, health and other regulatory agencies.

Workplace relations experts

Receive advice on:

  • Award and Wage rates.
  • Interpretation of all hospitality awards both State and Federal.
  • Unfair Dismissal, General Protections, Fair Work Ombudsman & Equal Opportunity Commission matters and representation.
  • Recruitment, Performance Management & Termination of staff.
  • Workplace Health and Safety.
  • Enterprise Agreements.
  • Submissions for Member Interests to Federal and State Industrial Relations Commissions.
  • Calculation and analysis of yearly wage increases.
  • Template contracts of employment.
  • Access to industry salary surveys.
  • Liaison with State and Federal Government Departments pertaining to industry audits/campaigns such as the ongoing Fair Work Ombudsman and WorkSafe campaigns.

Liquor licensing and regulatory advice


  • Representation to Government.
  • Translating information into plain language.
  • Advice on interpreting the Liquor Control Act 1988.
  • Assistance with various liquor licensing applications.
  • Access to Online Licensed Premises Self Audit Checklist.
  • Advising members of applications for new licenses in their area.
  • Appealing dangerous precedent-setting cases.
  • Clarifying amendments.
  • Representing licensees’ interests on local accords, health and community working groups and liquor industry advisory councils.
  • Advice and guidance concerning interactions with WA Police – Liquor Enforcement Unit and Department of Racing, Gaming & Liquor.
  • Health regulations.
  • Tobacco Control.
  • Local Council regulations.
  • Mandatory liquor licensing training requirements.

Regular and tailored communications

  • Regular bulletins to keep you informed on the latest developments on legislation, tax, workplace relations, key issues and opportunities.
  • Immediate bulletins on key issues as they emerge, providing AHA members with critically important information.
  • Exclusive access to the AHA member’s only website – a one-stop shop for the latest advice and information.
  • Hospitality WA Magazine – WA’s premier hospitality industry news publication.
  • Direct access to AHA management staff, to provide quick and concise advice on issues as they arise.
  • AHA media releases on current hospitality issues.
  • Access to member surveys.

Media advocacy

Leading industry training

AHA(WA) corporate partners

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