Welcome to Australian Hostels Association, WA

AHA(WA) Industry Suppliers Guide

Welcome to the AHA(WA) Industry Suppliers Guide.

The AHA(WA) strives to ensure that the hospitality industry has access to the highest quality services and resources available.

Through the formation of strategic alliances with over 160 companies, the AHA is able to provide members with an informed choice of suppliers across all product and service categories, offering direct access to key contacts, special discounts and preferential rates. 

Please support the suppliers that support the Association and add value to the industry.

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Asahi Premium Beverages
Mr. Gerry Cherian

Level 1, 31 Somersby Road

P 03 8369 0300
F 03 8369 0399

E Gerry.Cherian@asahi.com.au
W http://www.asahipremiumbeverages.com

Asahi Premium Beverages is a global company that has an outstanding portfolio of international and local brands that people engage with for every special occasion, from the alcoholic iconic brands such as Asahi, Woodstock, Highland, Cruiser, Kingfisher and Somersby to the refreshing Non Alcoholic brands of Pepsi Cola, Solo, Schweppes, Spring Valley, Gatorade, Cool Ridge and Monster Energy.



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