29 September 2022

The Australian Hotels Association (WA) commends the WA Government for responding to industry feedback regarding the Banned Drinkers Register and proposing improvements to ensure it is effective at addressing alcohol related harm.

AHA(WA) CEO Bradley Woods said the various trials of the Banned Drinkers Register (BDR) have shown promise, but there was clearly scope to strengthen the policy, particularly in relation to improving how the register was populated.

“It is encouraging that the Government is demonstrating a strong commitment to the Banned Drinkers Register through sensible legislative and policy amendments that have been presented for further consultation,” Mr Woods said.

“The success of the BDR relies almost entirely on the register being adequately populated. The Pilbara Interim Evaluation Report identified the lack of people on the register as a shortcoming of the BDR to date.”

“We strongly support providing the judiciary and WA Police with the tools they require to ensure those with a known history of alcohol-related offenses are added to the register quickly and easily.”

“We also back provisions that provide better support services to those on the register, as well as empowering front line service providers to identify individuals who are likely suitable candidates to be added to the BDR.”

“Identifying and securing improvements to the BDR is ultimately a far better policy approach than blanket alcohol restrictions on all law-abiding citizens.”

“Delivering an effective BDR was always going to present challenges and require legislative amendments, but the policy options that are outlined in the consultation paper provides a clear pathway ahead.”

“The AHA has advocated for a BDR for over a decade and we are committed to working with licensees, the community and government to deliver improvements that will ensure its success.”

Further information: David De Garis 0412 577 567

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