The Australian Hotels Association (WA) is thrilled to welcome the announcement of Pair’d Margaret River Region (Pair’d), a dynamic new festival that will celebrate the finest offerings of the South West’s food, wine, and music scene.


Scheduled to take place from 14-17 November 2024, Pair’d promises to be an exciting addition to the State’s major homegrown events calendar.


AHA(WA) CEO Bradley Woods said Pair’d will be a fantastic opportunity to showcase Western Australia’s rich culinary and cultural heritage, as well as the State’s dedication to fostering vibrant and sustainable tourism and hospitality experiences.


Mr Woods said “This inaugural event, owned by the WA Government, will not only showcase the exceptional produce of the Margaret River region but also provide local hospitality and accommodation businesses, chefs, winemakers, and musicians to shine on a national stage.”


“With the recent launch of a direct flight between the eastern states and Margaret River, Pair’d comes at an opportune time, making it even more accessible for visitors from across Australia to experience this iconic region.”


The festival will feature a series of premium events set in picturesque Margaret River region destinations and wineries, offering visitors unique experiences in the heart of Western Australia’s wine country.


“We are excited to see Pair’d Margaret River Region partnering with some of the region’s most renowned chefs, winemakers, and sommeliers to curate an unforgettable culinary journey. The event’s program, developed through extensive engagement with the region, promises to highlight the best of what the South West has to offer.” said Mr Woods.


Pair’d is set to become a staple on the State’s events calendar, creating employment opportunities, attracting visitors, and boosting the local economy. This initiative demonstrates Western Australia’s commitment to fostering diverse and inclusive tourism and hospitality experiences for locals and visitors alike.

Further information: Angela Beechey 0419 190 406 

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