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The Australian Hotels Association WA (AHA WA) acknowledges the departure of Carolyn Turnbull, Managing Director of Tourism WA, and extends sincere appreciation for her significant contributions to Western Australia’s tourism and hospitality industry.

AHA(WA) CEO Bradley Woods said Carolyn’s departure from Tourism WA after two and a half years of dedicated service marks the end of an era.

Mr Woods said “Throughout her tenure, Carolyn has played a crucial role in guiding Western Australia’s tourism and hospitality industry, particularly during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Her leadership has been instrumental in facilitating a strong recovery for the state.”

“Under Carolyn’s leadership, Tourism WA achieved remarkable milestones, including the launch of the state’s new global tourism brand, Walking on a Dream.”

“Carolyn’s efforts also led to the resumption or launch of nonstop flights between 19 international destinations, as well as the successful securing of major exclusive events such as Coldplay and the WWE. These aviation routes and major events have been crucial to getting visitors back to Western Australia and into our hotels and hospitality venues.”

“The initiatives have undoubtedly had a positive impact on Western Australia’s economy, with a record $17.7 billion in visitor spend achieved last year.”

The Australian Hotels Association WA commends Carolyn Turnbull for her dedication, leadership, and vision. Her departure leaves a significant void, but her legacy will continue to inspire our industry for years to come.

In the interim, the AHA(WA) looks forward to working closely with Tourism WA’s Executive Director of Strategy and Engagement, Stephanie Underwood, who will assume the role of Managing Director.

Further information: Angela Beechey 0419 190 406 

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