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Responsible Service of Alcohol - RSA & Official Posters

Harm minimisation is central to compliance with WA liquor licensing legislation and the obligations on all licensed venues to adhere to RSA or the responsible service of alcohol. The AHA offers RSA training and the Approved Managers Course both online and classroom style. (For training please select the link in the column on the left.)

Both the RSA and the Approved Managers Course offer an understanding of liquor legislation, the skills, knowledge and awareness required to serve alcohol in a responsible manner.

Below is a range of free RSA – Responsible Service of Alcohol – resources for the Approved Managers, staff and venues.

RSA & Approved Manager tools can be viewed, downloaded or ordered below. Examples include:


Click on the links below to download the RSA Posters or order at bottom of page. 

  1. An Approved Manager is on duty at all times at this venue

  2. Can you afford the risk?

  3. If you are asked to leave this venue, failure to vacate the premises and its immediate vicinity is an offence

  4. It is against the law to allow the possession or consumption of liquor by a juvenile on the premises

  5. It is against the law to sell or supply alcohol to a person under 18 years of age

  6. It is against the law to sell or supply alcohol to a person who is drunk (penalties)

  7. It is against the law to sell or supply liquor to a drunk person

  8. It is against the law to sell or supply liquor to a drunk person (b) 

  9. It is against the law to show false or misleading ID 

  10. It is an offence for a juvenile to be in possession of liquor in a public place

  11. No photo ID, no entry – you must be 18 years or age or older

  12. Our primary service is the provision of food

  13. Potable drinking water is free; it’s the law

  14. Violent disorderly and argumentative behaviour is not permitted at this venue

  15. If you look under 25 we will ask you for ID

  16. It is against the law to help a drunk person obtain or consume alcohol on licensed or regulated premises


Licensed Venue Resources

Infographic   Table Talker  Drunk people dont think straight rethink drink

alcohol and the law think again under 18 young people and alcohol


    1. AHA Guide to RSA Infographic. Download here.


  1. RSA Table Talker Sign. Download here.
  2. RSA – Drunk People Don’t Think Straight Convenience Poster.  Download here.
  3. RSA Booklet -Remember, responsible service of alcohol!
    There are some simple things to remember when working behind a bar. If you don’t follow them, it could cost you, your Approved Manager and the licensee! Download here. 
  4. Alcohol and the Law Fact Sheet
    A short concise summary of Western Australian laws about RSA and the sale and supply of alcohol as required by the Liquor Control Act 1988, and its regulations. Download here. 
  5. Alcohol. Think Again website card. Download here.  
  6. Under 18. No alcohol. The safest choice Poster. Download here. 
  7. Young people and alcohol. Helpful information for parents and carers.
    This booklet provides information for parents on the harms caused by alcohol; it outlines the legal position; and provides advice on how you can influence your children’s decisions about drinking alcohol.
    The booklet contains useful information and answers to some common dilemmas parents face when considering their teenagers and alcohol. Download here. 


Approved managers order form to order hard copies of RSA Posters, click here.  

Click here  to view more about AHA Responsible Service of Alcohol Online and Classroom Training page.

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