Healthy Mind Menu Workshops


The Healthy Mind Menu is an industry led initiative that recognises a key ingredient in hospitality is its people.
Although rewarding, working in a service-focused business can be isolating, unsociable, high-pressure and extremely competitive. Mental health is emerging as a major challenge for hospitality businesses with 80% of workers reporting they are suffering from symptoms.

The Healthy Mind Menu and Pyramid has been designed to help improve awareness, provide resources and promote wellness and the development of more collaborative workplaces with mental health in mind.

The key elements that make up the Healthy Mind Pyramid are:

  • Sleep
  • Nutrition
  • Connectedness
  • Physical Activity
  • Downtime

The Healthy Mind Menu online course will cover the above 5 topics in modules that provide you with practical information and tips which can be applied to your life and daily habits.


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