Maximise Your Profits


Is your turn over good but you’re not making any profit? Do you know why? Come along to this interactive workshop to find out how to maximise your profits by understanding how your bottom line is affected.

Participants will learn how to manage and analyse profit and loss statements to gain a greater depth of understanding of the financial operational requirements within their business.

Bruce Strickland, AHA Membership Executive, has had extensive experience working for and in the hospitality industry including real life practical application of modifying financial plans to work across all venue types.

This course will cover:

  • Sales & Sundry revenue
  • Expenditure
  • Gross Profit construction
  • True net operating profit



AHA Training Centre, 38 Parliament Place West Perth

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CRICOS information for Student VISA holders

The WA Hotels & Hospitality Association (WAHHA) is not registered with CRICOS and therefore cannot deliver training to people who hold an overseas student/study visa (Subclass 500). Please visit to locate a CRICOS training provider.  WAHHA does not accept any liability which results from an inaccurate answer to this question. 

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