In the current economic climate, many hospitality businesses are faced with no choice but to restructure their business and make employees redundant. 



Implementing a redundancy process can be complicated and stressful; especially for employers who haven’t been through the process before. Failing to follow a proper process can lead to costly claims, low staff morale and reputational damage to your business.


Join the AHA’s Workplace Relations team and learn how to effect a restructure or redundancy process while minimising risk to your business.




The course will cover:


  • When is a role redundant?
  • What is a “genuine redundancy”
  • What the consultation process involves
  • What redeployment options must be considered



We’ll go through some practical examples and recent case law. You will also have an opportunity to ask those tricky questions, such as:


  • What if the role has changed or I can no longer afford to pay a certain salary?
  • Can I require a full time employee to change to casual?
  • Can I make an employee redundant if they are on workers compensation or maternity leave?
  • I can’t afford the redundancy pay. What are my options?










AHA Training Centre - 38 Parliament Place, West Perth




10am to 11am


While course dates and information are provided for your convenience on the AHA(WA) website and training calendar, please be aware dates and times may change. Contact 08 9321 7701 to find out more.