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Certificate Recovery

If you recently completed your training online but haven't received your certificate yet please make sure to:

  • check your email and junk mail
  • check if your employer has a copy

If you undertook training with the AHA(WA), we are able to manually search our archives for the administration cost of $25. An copy of your e-certificate will then be emailed to you. Additional to your e-certificate, if you wish to also obtain a professionally printed hard copy of your certificate, please call 9321 7701 for more information.

Please ensure you have undertaken your training with the AHA prior to completing your request and paying your fee as this is non-refundable. Please note that if we find that you did not undertake your training with us the fee cannot be refunded. 

Follow this link to request a copy of your certificate online

For enquiries check out our FAQ page or contact the training department on 9321 7701 or email