17 November 2022

The Australian Hotels Association (WA) has welcomed the WA Government’s review of the state’s
liquor laws, to help ensure the legislation, policies and regulations governing hospitality venues are
modern, fit for purpose, and in line with customer expectations and needs.

AHA(WA) CEO Bradley Woods said the industry had already begun engaging in meaningful
consultation with Government and departmental officials, which will continue over the coming year.

“Liquor laws, regulations and policies shape the daily operations of WA’s hospitality venues and
customer experiences, so this review is an important opportunity to step back and look at whether
they are working effectively,” Mr Woods said.

“There are several obvious opportunities to modernise WA’s Liquor Control Act, such as removing
outdated conditions that require patrons to have a meal when having a drink on Good Friday and
Christmas Day.”

“We would also welcome a comprehensive review into the various conditions that are placed on
licenses to ensure they are warranted, able to facilitate customer expectations and are mindful of
current business settings.”

“While COVID-19 is now largely behind us, the pandemic had a dramatic impact on WA’s
hospitality industry and this must be kept front of mind throughout this review.”

“WA’s hotels, bars, taverns and restaurants are looking for ways to reduce unnecessary regulatory
burdens that are placed on them, and we will be working to ensure this is prioritised over the next
12 months.”

“The AHA welcomes several key changes to WA’s liquor laws that have already been announced,
including the Protected Entertainment Precincts legislation as well as major proposed
amendments to enhance the Banned Drinkers Register.”

“We have been particularly encouraged by the genuine engagement the WA Government has had
with the AHA to date, led by Minister Buti, and we look forward to this continuing over the next 12

Further information: David De Garis 0412 577 567

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