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WA Budget Fails Tourism Promise



Tourism WAThe WA State Budget has not delivered its election promise of an extra $6 million for Tourism WA marketing and the critical support it would have provided hospitality and tourism small businesses across the state.  

Australian Hotels Association (WA) CEO Mr Bradley Woods said “We are disappointed that the WA Government has not delivered on it’s promised increase of $24million over 4 years specifically to promote Western Australia as a holiday destination.  

“Only $2 million has been committed in this year’s budget. The WA Government will now have to find an additional $22million over the next three years to grow leisure tourism. 

“The nature of election promises is that they are immune to changing circumstances. Not delivering the expected $6million for Tourism marketing makes no commercial or political sense.  

“Latest hotel data shows a 13% decline, proof that without additional marketing funds, tourism may not be able to create the employment necessary to bridge the gap left by a softening mining sector.  

“The new Tourism Minister’s job has just become even more important to the 89,000 people working in the state’s tourism industry who are dependent on Tourism WA selling Western Australia.  

“The WA Government only needed to spend an additional 13 cents a day for every person working in the tourism industry to deliver on its election promise of $6 million this year.  

“We are disappointed that despite significant investment in new state infrastructure, the WA Government is prepared to put at risk, potential investment in new hotels and the creation of employment opportunities for Western Australians.  

Mr Woods said “We will keep fighting for extra marketing funds to tell the world how wonderful our state is.”   


For further information please contact Victoria Jackson, AHA (WA) Government Relations Manager on (08) 9321 7701, grm@ahawa.asn.au or 0414 269 811.

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