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The Australian Hotels Association (AHA) and Tourism Accommodation Australia (TAA) congratulate Expedia for its announcement this morning that it will unilaterally and unconditionally be waiving its narrow parity rate clauses.

The narrow rate MFN is the agreement by Australian hotel partners that the consumer room rates they provide Expedia will be equal to or lower than those offered by the partner on their own online booking channels.

Acting CEO of Tourism Accommodation Australia, Bradley Woods, said the announcement follows years of advocacy work by the AHA and TAA to see the waiving of narrow rate MFN and also Federal Labor’s announcement last week that a Labor Government will ban online rate parity.

“The AHA and TAA have been working on multiple fronts for many years to see the current market dynamics better reflect a genuine partnership between hotels and online travel agents,” Mr Woods said.

“We are pleased that our focus over several years has, in the past fortnight, begun to bear fruit for our members and the broader accommodation industry.”

“This shows that Expedia is prepared to act in the spirit of a distribution partner for Australian hotels and accommodation providers.”

“In the spirit of genuine partnership and on behalf of our members, the AHA and TAA encourage Booking.com to make a similar announcement to waive narrow rate parity MFN.” 


Further information:

Anthony Brierley, General Manager, AHA(ACT), 0423 597 814

David De Garis, Media and Communications Manager, AHA(WA), 0412 577 567

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